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If you have followed the Insider Movement discussion/debate, you’re aware that the International Journal of Frontier Missions has been one of the main advocates of the approach. They have published some critical articles as well, but the editorials and content of the journal are largely positive. In the January-March 2014 edition of IJFM, Kevin Higgins published an article examining 1 …

Doug ColemanKevin Higgins on 1 Corinthians 8-10

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[Note: This series of posts originally appeared at Between the Times in March 2012. The entire series is posted below for easier access.] Looking at Insider Movements (1): Introduction Unless you’re a missionary, missions professor, missions pastor, or spend a lot of time with weirdo’s like us, you’re probably not so familiar with the latest missiological debate: Insider Movements (IM). …

Doug ColemanLooking at Insider Movements