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In a previous post I raised a question about the honor/shame paradigm. Jackson Wu was kind enough to respond with some helpful thoughts. Below are some follow up comments. Let me say again that my purpose in raising these questions is not to object to the use of honor/shame language or to defend a guilt/innocence paradigm. As I mentioned in …

Doug ColemanSome Further Thoughts on Sin, Honor, and Shame

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The concept of honor/shame, and its implications for ministry have gained increasing attention in recent years. Jayson Georges explains the concept via the HonorShame.com web site. Jackson Wu wrote his PhD dissertation on the concept and has published a number of articles on the topic. This past week, Ed Stetzer shared several guests posts on his blog looking at honor …

Doug ColemanA Sincere Question about Honor and Shame

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In light of a previous post from a friend on whether Christians should eat kurban meat sacrificed by Muslims during the Sacrifice Holiday, this short answer from John Piper caught my attention. Piper acknowledges that he is not an expert on Islam, but I think some of his comments are on the right track.

Doug ColemanJohn Piper: Should I Eat Halal Meat?

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The newest edition of Global Missiology (GM) has been published. GM is a free online missiology journal with quality contributions from scholars and practitioners. This latest edition includes an article from me on Acts 15 in light of the Insider Movement paradigm. This chapter has been one of the most commonly cited texts in support of Insider Movements. My main …

Doug ColemanGlobal Missiology