Muslim Kurban Meat: To Eat or Not to Eat?

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[Note: This is a guest post from a friend and colleague used with his permission. Whether you agree with the conclusions or not, I think the post is a good example of how to think through issues from biblical, theological, and anthropological angles.] My family will likely never forget our first Sacrifice Holiday (Kurban) here in Central Asia. Behind our …

Doug ColemanMuslim Kurban Meat: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Plausibility Structures and Reaching Muslims

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Within a short time of our first meeting, Abraham offered me an invitation. “If you’re a Christian, go ahead and convince me that Christianity is true.” I accepted, and we began to spend significant time together, discussing various topics related to the Bible, the gospel, and Christianity. One day Abraham stated rather matter-of-factly, “I’ve never said the Bible has been …

Doug ColemanPlausibility Structures and Reaching Muslims

Is there only one way?

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The question of the exclusivity of the Christian gospel arises at various times and in various ways. For some it is an emotional issue, for some an intellectual one. In the video below, David Platt doesn’t address all the relevant issues, but he does offer a powerful response to certain forms of the question. A helpful resource that answers many …

Doug ColemanIs there only one way?

Learning from the Social Sciences

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Missiology has a love/hate relationship with the social sciences. It’s an important relationship, but when and how missiology should draw on the social sciences is debated. Years ago, Paul Hiebert likened the relationship between anthropologists and missionaries to “that of half-siblings—drawing on one another and frequently quarreling.” I am presently doing some further academic study in anthropology through a large …

Doug ColemanLearning from the Social Sciences

Decision Making in Cross Cultural Ministry

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Cross-cultural ministry is hard, perhaps especially so in pioneer contexts. Virtually EVERYTHING has significant potential to become a precedent. Decisions we make today can affect multiple generations, for good or bad. The Bible gives us clear commands and principles on some matters while other decisions seem to require godly wisdom. But ministering in a cross-cultural situation brings additional challenges. Even …

Doug ColemanDecision Making in Cross Cultural Ministry